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Jane Riordan Therapy and Counselling

16 - Mar - 2015

Experienced and Friendly Counselling...


Psychotherapy and Counselling in Surrey

Welcome to my website.

I hope you will find the information here useful in your search.

I offer both psychotherapy and counselling in Surrey. Most of my work is long term psychotherapy. A fuller explanation of the difference between psychotherapy and counselling can be found on this site.

The best psychotherapy is tailored to the individual and the therapeutic relationship is an important contributor to its success. As a psychotherapist I place great importance on the acceptance of each person's unique perspective and aim to explore my client's perspective in a non-judgemental and compassionate way within a relationship that is confidential, safe, mutual and non-controlling.

My theoretical orientation is fundamentally Gestalt, a traditional humanistic psychotherapy modality, with the integration of some other disciplines and modalities. Gestalt is a holistic therapy which focusses on the present and how the past affects our present experiences. I am also integrating energy psychotherapy into my Gestalt practice. Energy psychotherapy may heal trauma in a faster, more effective and possibily deeper way than conventional talking psychotherapy alone. Please see the relevant sections for more information about this

I work in private practice with individual adults and couples and young people aged 16+. I also offer group therapy and supervision to psychotherapists and counsellors .

My practice is in Farnham, Surrey. I offer evening as well as daytime appointments. Please contact me on 01252 710238 for counselling in Surrey and throughout the surrounding areas.

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